What’s the block to creating the world you want? (clue: it’s not what you think)

When I saw this question promoting a talk from an experienced tutor at the well-regarded Northern School of Permaculture, I was intrigued.

What is the block indeed?? Great – here I will find the answer!

So when Angus Soutar asked this question of the 25 or so of us who gathered in the back room of the Briton’s Protection pub in Manchester, a very suitable venue with it’s connections to the Peterloo Massacre, I was ready with my replies..

‘Exploitative capitalist economics’, ‘inadequate government policies’, ‘fickle politicians’, ‘a broken voting system’…What should I pick first?

So I was very surprised when people volunteered very different answers to those on my mind…

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Why launch Bee The Change Blog?

Beethechangeblog came from my desire to do something positive in these challenging times – The Great Turning as it has been called.

And to document my own discoveries and difficulties as I and the rest of the world wrestle with the monumental challenge of de-carbonising ourselves and re-balancing our relationship with earth.

Firstly, for myself because the act of transforming thoughts to written words helps me make sense of what I’m experiencing.

Secondly in the belief that they might be useful to others.

Thirdly because it seems, just in these deeply troubling times when we most need an independent media, this part of this agenda isn’t being covered in the way it should be. Continue reading “Why launch Bee The Change Blog?”