My Rebellion video diary: four days on the streets of London (April 2019)

One year ago, I went to London to join a rebellion against inaction on our unfolding global climate crisis, with no hope of anything other than ‘failure’. But knowing it was the right thing to do, a step I had to take come what may.

12 months on, the Covid19 outbreak is forcing us all to rethink our priorities, raising hopes we will emerge to rebuild a more equitable & sustainable future.

I wrote about my experience at the time but, thanks to Lockdown, I’ve found time to edit footage & photos to tell my story of the first four days, in film.

I still don’t know how much the action changed politically.

But I do know it changed me.

This is for everyone who was there last April, who all have their own story. Thank you for being there. 🙏💚🌏