Why launch Bee The Change Blog?

Beethechangeblog came from my desire to do something positive in these challenging times – The Great Turning as it has been called.

And to document my own discoveries and difficulties as I and the rest of the world wrestle with the monumental challenge of de-carbonising ourselves and re-balancing our relationship with earth.

Firstly, for myself because the act of transforming thoughts to written words helps me make sense of what I’m experiencing.

Secondly in the belief that they might be useful to others.

Thirdly because it seems, just in these deeply troubling times when we most need an independent media, this part of this agenda isn’t being covered in the way it should be.

There are many sites where the facts and intellectual debates around the climate science, data, economic causes and systemic solutions can be found. I link to some of them that I have found useful, here.

This blog is about telling the stories of what happens when everyday people act according to the truth of what the science is telling us. It’s about shining a light on what is happening under our noses, where we live. It’s about telling the stories of those communities where change is already happening, even if to our simple human eye it seems too slow, or too small, to make an impact.

There is nothing more important than these stories of personal and community change.

Not because on their own, solo scale they’re enough to get us out of this mess – far from it

But because because that is how change happens – people are changed by seeing other people changing. Human behaviour leads to human attitude – not the other way around.

But also because, these stories are how we show the will of us, the people, to create a different world to that with which we’ve somehow ended up.

Because the truth is – that all the things we need to do to address climate breakdown – to nurture not exploit , to walk not drive, to have better public transport, to end polluting dirty fuel, to generate our own power from wind or sun, to waste less, to re-use more, to re-learn old skills, use our hands and feet more, to tend wildlife and the habitats in which it flourishes – will create a better world, one I believe many billions of humans yearn for deep in their soul, and one our species once knew, but forgot.

I chose the name because I wanted something that reminded each of us of our personal power – not because the blog is about ‘being positive’ in the face of potential catastrophe, but because it’s about making a positive response, even if that action is preparation for potential societal breakdown and all the grief that catastrophe entails.

This is the defining issue of our time … it’ll be for each of us to decide …. how we live with it, by it, through it.

So I will focus on sharing these stories of ‘response’; of ideas, of action, of solutions, of art, of poetry, of protest, of anger, pain and sadness – but also of joy, the joy of life we seek to preserve.

I’ve adopted the bee (as in ‘bee’ the change) – because it is the adopted emblem of Manchester, where I live, work and play and where some of what I write about will be focused.

But mainly because it is such a symbol of the natural world we want to protect, and also such a great servant of it.

If only we humans saw our role in the same selfless way – doing the hard yards to keep life living, keep our home healthy – what ‘honey’ might we share?

Lastly, I focus on what is happening ‘on the ground’, not because this is where responsibility lies.

But, because as Gandhi nearly said, this is where the answer will come from.

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